Battery Storage

The game changer. Power storage makes solar energy work harder.

Power anywhere, anytime; disconnect from the grid and eradicate capacity charges. Our state of the art systems also provide peak shaving; load shifting and power factor correction. This is really how to make solar power work harder to maximise the benefits to your facilities and improve your bottom line.

Solar battery storage is without a doubt the future for solar power. It makes solar power available when you need it, is increasingly cost effective and delivers energy independence.

Our solar storage units can be used to provide a variety of functions from providing complete off-grid power, load shifting, peak shaving and ancillary services which add value, help reduce costs and improve power quality.

Photon Energy makes power storage a reality bringing a level of performance, power quality and reliability beyond the grid.

The others are talking about solar storage and off-grid solar. We are doing it.

The BAI radio broadcast towers of Muswellbrook, NSW, run on solar power. Day and night, 24/7. How? Thanks to an off-grid solar storage system combining onsite PV power and battery storage, managed by our unique monitoring and control system.

To find out more about our pilot project in Muswellbrook, visit our dedicated website at