Custom battery storage

We want to make your solar storage ideas a reality.

Photon Energy has been integrating solar power solutions since 2007 and has broad experience  building on-grid and off-grid solar power systems that are able to do amazing things. Solar battery storage can be used for specific tasks, powering essential services such as water pumping, lighting, cooling and refrigeration, heating water or improving power supply and quality. Photon Energy Australia shares your vision as to the possibilities that solar power enables.

Photon Energy utilises the best industry accepted design and simulating tools including AutoCAD, PVSYST and HOMER to design and dimension systems based on a thorough analysis of the customer electricity demand data.

Please share your ideas with us and we will do our best to make it a reality. Whether you want to turn your town into a solar community or take your telecom towers off the grid.

Our capabilities include our professional PLC and SCADA that enable the power to be used intelligently and allow a broad range of system configurations and integration possibilities. Photon Energy’s in house team of programmers and technicians are also able to add further functionality to add additional services and improve the quality of your energy supply.

Contact us with your ideas.