Li-ion solutions

Battery storage solutions for truly big projects, scalable up to 120 MWh. Proven, reliable, cost effective. High capacity solar storage.

For really large solar storage solutions we have designed the PES2 Li-Ion system. Ideal for grid operators looking for stabilisation, solar communities or companies with large remote operations (mining, etc) aiming to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and make use of large-scale off-grid solar.

PES2 is a truly complete AC output fully integrated power battery storage system with excellent power characteristics that is reliable, flexible, scalable and suitable for a multitude of off-grid and on-grid applications, from remote communities to facilities with high power needs.  Single and multiple containers can be integrated flexibly within a single SCADA controlled and supported energy system in the following configurations:

PES2 Possibilities
Nominal power AC 100 kVA – 20 MVA
Maximum power 10 min 120 kVA – 24 MVA
Energy storage capacity 600 kWh – 120 MWh
Nominal PV Power DC 100 kWp – 20 MWp

The whole system is remotely monitored and controlled with a manned control room and technical support 24 hours a day. The system uses top quality maintenance-free Lithium-ion batteries combining a very long calendar and cycle life, excellent energy density, the ability to operate at any state of charge and inherent reliability and safety. Battery charging and AC power is delivered through tried and tested island and grid-tied inverters that supply high quality true sine wave, low THD power.

PES2 is delivered in special tempered insulated 20-foot containers, pre-configured, tested and ready to install with minimum on-site works even in hard-to-reach locations.

PES2 is the conclusion of many years of development work and full-scale reference deployment data to find an optimal solution using readily available proven technologies in one integrated system. The system is built around our professional supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA controls which are highly reliable and use smart algorithms to optimise performance and extend battery life.

Download PES 2 Datasheet (pdf)

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