Solar off-grid

An autonomous off-grid energy supply is now a reality wherever there is sunshine. Day and night.

Photon Energy Australia offers standardised or customisable, scalable solar power storage systems for a broad range of applications.

Remote solar communities

Communities in remote areas can now power services, industries, provide clean water and build their local economies with cost effective solar storage. This will change the way remote communities operate forever and bring new opportunities.


Communities and industries can pool their resources within a local power network that integrates solar power and use it most effectively. Solar storage enables a portion of the energy to be stored during high production and low consumption periods and shifted into high consumption periods. This enables members of micro-grid networks to take full advantage of their on-site power production.


Solar storage can provide power to mining infrastructure without the need for large centralised energy generation. With no need for refuelling, solar storage systems generally require less maintenance than diesel systems, while helping customers avoid the oil price roller coaster.


Provide reliable service from anywhere without the need for a grid connection, but with higher reliability standards and power quality than traditional diesel generators.
Click here for more details about how Photon Energy took a broadcast tower off grid in 2014 using solar power and solar battery storage.


Where there is power, there is water, refrigeration and processing on site. Solar battery storage is a game changer for remote farming.


Electric vehicles and entire fleets can now be charged anywhere, without depending on vulnerable fuel supply chains or the grid.

Remote infrastructure

Facilities can now be placed close to the source of supply and are no longer constrained by power grid availability. Cost effect solar storage allows savings on transportation costs with onsite processing.

Other possibilities can be investigated and we are able to provide a complete robust energy system and financial analysis service. For more information please visit our dedicated project website at