Solar Finance

Photon Energy has experts with banking and finance experience in financing solar PV projects globally.

Photon Energy has identified local banks and financial institutions that provide financing solutions for Solar and Solar storage systems including finance supported by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation CEFC.

Solar loans

Loan finance is worth considering because it generally has a lower cost of funding and flexibility in the amount borrowed and financing term. Other alternatives include provide rental, financial lease and operating and rent financing solutions for solar and solar storage systems.

Solar leasing

The benefits of lease financing are the possibility of off-balance sheet financing structures. A lease generally means a higher cost of financing but can have has taxation benefits.

Financing is provided by and requires third party credit approval. Photon Energy is not affiliated with any financial institution and is not a finance broker or a financial advisor.

Environment Upgrade Agreements (EUA)

Environment Upgrade Agreements (EUA) are a very cost-effective source of funding and are becoming increasingly available around Australia.

An EUA enables you to finance solar, power storage and other equipment which reduces your energy consumption through an increase in your council rate payments. Essentially the council adds an Environmental Upgrade Charge to your rates. This charge can be passed through to tenants. As the council is a party to the EUA the lowest possible cost of funding and maximum term of funding allows the achievement of a very low levelised cost of energy (LCOE).