Feasibility Studies

Compare investments, secure project financing.

Photon Energy provides a complete service to assess the feasibility of energy projects based on load profile data, load projections, system sizing and configuration, production simulation, cost/benefit analysis, financial modelling and return analysis, which compares the new system versus the status quo or alternative power sources.

Photon Energy has proprietary software to assess the existing energy profile and investment case for power systems, including Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Levelised cost of energy (LCOE) , Profit and loss and Balance Sheet projections based on a realistic assessment of the expected benefits. Robust financial modelling assists in decision making, allows comparison with other investments, and is an input for securing financing for the project.

Photon Energy utilises the best industry accepted design and simulating tools including AutoCAD, PVSSYST and HOMER to provide inputs to our financial modelling based on a thorough analysis of the customer electricity demand data.

  • Site assessment, identifying and quantifying site specific parameters as inputs for technical feasibility and yield simulation
  • Utility connectivity and requirements and negotiations
  • Budgeting, cost estimates for project technology , implementation and commissioning
  • Lifecycle energy costs, financial modelling and return analysis
  • Complete assessment report for management approval

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