Photon Energy currently delivers Operations & Maintenance solutions to 300 MWp of power plants worldwide.

Below are selected key references from our long and growing list of PV power plants under our management.

Contact us for a complete list of our references.

Australia Post, Sydney, 283 kWp

Sydney Post Installed capacity: 283 kWp
Annual production:  371 500 kWh
When commissioned this was the largest rooftop commercial solar system in the Sydney CBD.

For more information about the Sydney Post project you can download our detailed case study.

Ellrich, Germany, 988 kWp

Ellrich Installed capacity: 988 kWp
Annual production:  976 973 kWh
This ground-mounted solar power plant is located on a former landfill site and next to a quarry.

Broadcast tower, Muswellbrook, NSW, 39 kWp / 215 kWh

Muswellbrook PV capacity: 39 kWp
Backup capacity: 215 kWh
Using mainly German technology Photon Energy has installed a 39 kWp solar PV system with 215 kWh of batteries that is integrated in the current power system of a radio transmission tower in Muswellbrook, operated by BAI.

For more information visit the project website at or download our detailed case study.

Symonston, ACT, 144 kWp

Symonston Installed capacity: 144 kWp
Annual production: 210 240 kWh
The Symonston power plant is located on the rooftop of a data centre and is being leased to the data centre provider. It operates on the basis of a Feed-In-Tariff and helps to offset the company’s energy consumption.

Les Mees, France, 14 MWp

Les Mees Installed capacity: 14 MWp
The Les Mees PV power plant runs on central inverters. Our “Inverter Cardio” team provides full O&M services for the central inverters and keeps the power plant running. From regular maintenance, remote support and spare part services.