Avoid small issues escalating with regular preventive maintenance.

The key to a long life for PV power plants is regular maintenance. Our certified technicians perform regular scheduled physical inspections and tests to ensure any unusual deterioration of system components is discovered and rectified. One can be sure that your solar power plant is constantly under control and performing well.

Preventive maintenance includes:

  • Scheduled inspection and maintenance of system components
  • Software upgrades
  • Regulatory compliance revisions and documentation
  • Grass mowing and snow removal

With smart maintenance you minimise the risk of financially painful consequences:

  • Small technical issues escalating into big problems
  • Loss of revenue / cash flow
  • Repairing extensive damage can lead to downtime over several days!
  • Paperwork (insurance, banks, health and safety)
  • Risk of injury to staff (insurance claims, healthcare expenses…)

When required, corrective maintenance is undertaken expeditiously and with concern to personnel safety and minimum interruption of the power plant. All work is done only by qualified and experienced technicians and our work is backed by industry standard warranty. Our technical team is trained and certified by the main inverter manufacturers.

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