Energy under control.

With Photon Energy’s monitoring system you have total control over your power plant. We provide you with the Swiss knife of monitoring systems: a tool for analysis, control, O&M, reporting, forecasting and early warnings.  All of that accessible with our easy to use client web interface.

Our monitoring and control system is more than simply showing solar power output. The system is also a full metering system allowing you to fully understand your multiple power supplies, grid, generator and your power demands in real time. This allows the system to provide additional value by optimising the use of various power sources and managing demand to really get your energy costs under control. Also, the system takes full care of all the aspects of the solar power system to ensure it is functioning properly. Faults are detected and can often be rectified through on-line control. The work scheduling system gets technicians on site quickly to rectify physical faults.

Minimise downtime of plant and components with smart monitoring on different levels (plant, inverter, string).

Available for new power plants and retrofitting on existing power plants.

Contact us to access our demo version.