Additional value through Demand Reduction (DRED), Power Factor Correction and ancillary services and control of your energy consumption through a single dashboard.

Photon Energy SCADA has the ability to control a large range of equipment and devices with IP, software, Modbus or dry contact controls.

This allows us to provide additional value to your solar and storage system through demand management, power reduction and ancillary services allowing you to have full control of your energy consumption through a single dashboard.

Our programmers can also provide algorithmic demand control to match power availability, automatically adjust peak energy consumption to respond to power availability, NEM market pricing, weather and cloud cover.

Our SCADA system is supported by high quality industrial PLCs, in-house programmers and technicians to set up your system as well as 24/7 control room support.

Our systems are designed for integration of our PLC and SCADA from the outset and there is no need for third-party programmes, which is a distinct advantage Photon Energy has over its competitors to our customers benefit.

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