Solar Solutions

Sustainable, efficient and reliable energy with significant long-term cost savings.

Photon Energy Australia is an expert in innovative solar power and solar battery storage solutions. We specialize in on and off-grid solar power and solar battery storage solutions for commercial, utility, solar communities, agriculture, industry, and other large electricity customers.

With solar technologies rapidly developing, the cost of solar power from our solar solutions can be funded purely from the reduction in energy consumption from the grid or other sources such as diesel generators over a period significantly shorter than the life of the solar power plant. Our financing solutions allow you to enjoy savings from day one. Photon Energy’s solar power plants run with an uptime of more than 99%.

This allows you to achieve sustainable, reliable renewable energy and significant long-term cost savings.

We are active around the globe and have a proven track record of developing and delivering solar power and battery storage projects for off-grid solar solutions. Our highly experienced and trained professional in-house team is fully responsible for design, engineering, programming and commissioning of all critical systems and our proprietary SCADA system allows us to keep all aspects of our solutions under control.

Our solar O&M division provides operations and maintenance services to 300 MWp of solar power plants worldwide with full in-house technician and control room support. Photon Energy also owns and operates 51.7 MWp of its own solar power plants in four countries across two continents allowing us to constantly improve our knowledge and services. We apply the highest standards to our customers as we do to our own power plants.