Utility solar

We have built more than 50 MWp of large-scale solar power plants.

Photon Energy has been building large utility connected green-field solar power plants since 2007. We are one of a few companies in Australia with large scale solar experience at a global scale. We have constructed solar power plants ranging from 100 kW to 22 MW that provide services including grid support, active and reactive power. The systems have professional SCADA which communicates with the utility control room for remote control and monitoring. Photon Energy’s in house team of programmers and technicians are also able to add further functionality to add additional services and improve the quality of your energy supply.

In addition, Photon Energy Australia provides high-end asset management and solar O&M services for its clients.

As a power generator or distributor, integrate solar power to diversify your power sources, boost weak spots in the grid, cover transmission losses and boost production in summer peak time. Our solutions work seamlessly with power storage infrastructure and natural gas peak generators.

The standard system and service includes:

  • Tier 1 solar modules
  • Tier 1 solar inverters
  • High quality stainless and aluminium racking system
  • UV rated 6mm solar cable
  • Conduits
  • Cable ties
  • Isolators
  • Switchboards
  • Protection
  • In-plane irradiation sensor
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Solar module temperature sensor
  • Wind speed sensor
  • Monitoring system
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Large Generation Certificate’s (LGC) administration

Our systems are eligible for financing subject to third party credit approval.

Contact us for details or download our case study on of our many projects, the 22.2 MWp power plant in Brno, Czech Republic.